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    • java.lang.RuntimeException: No output was in the standard output when trying to create the interpreter info. The error output contains:>>Error: option -u not recognized USAGE: idle  \[-deins\] \[-t title\] \[file\]\*     idle  \[-dns\] \[-t title\] (-c cmd | -r file) \[arg\]\*     idle  \[-dns\] \[-t title\] - \[arg\]\*   -h         print this help message and exit   -n         run IDLE without a subprocess (see Help/IDLE Help for details) The following options will override the IDLE 'settings' configuration:   -e         open an edit window   -i         open a shell window The following options imply -i and will open a shell:   -c cmd     run the command in a shell, or   -r file    run script from file   -d         enable the debugger   -s         run $IDLESTARTUP or $PYTHONSTARTUP before anything else   -t title   set title of shell window A default edit window will be bypassed when -c, -r, or - are used. \[arg\]\* are passed to the command (-c) or script (-r) in sys.argv\[1:\]. Examples: idle      Open an edit window or shell depending on IDLE's configuration. idle      Edit the files, also open a shell if configured to start with shell. idle -est "Baz"      Run $IDLESTARTUP or $PYTHONSTARTUP, edit, and open a shell      window with the title "Baz". idle -c "import sys; print sys.argv" "foo"      Open a shell window and run the command, passing "-c" in sys.argv\[0\]      and "foo" in sys.argv\[1\]. idle -d -s -r "Hello World"      Open a shell window, run a startup script, enable the debugger, and      run, passing "" in sys.argv\[0\] and "Hello World" in      sys.argv\[1\]. echo "import sys; print sys.argv" | idle - "foobar"      Open a shell window, run the script piped in, passing '' in sys.argv\[0\]      and "foobar" in sys.argv\[1\]. << at org.python.pydev.ui.interpreters.AbstractInterpreterManager.createInfoFromOutput( at org.python.pydev.ui.interpreters.PythonInterpreterManager.doCreateInterpreterInfo( at org.python.pydev.ui.interpreters.PythonInterpreterManager.createInterpreterInfo( at org.python.pydev.ui.interpreters.AbstractInterpreterManager.getInterpreterInfo( at org.python.pydev.ui.interpreters.AbstractInterpreterManager.addInterpreter( at org.python.pydev.ui.pythonpathconf.AbstractInterpreterEditor$ at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$
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