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  • Newbie SSL problem
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  • Database In Java (New To Java Help!)
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  • db:: 3.67::JAVA Stack - SSL Configuration sp
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  • db:: 3.87::Received fatal alert: handshake_failure x9
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  • Weblogic 10.3.2 Source
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    • FATAL Alert:BAD_CERTIFICATE - A corrupt or unuseable certificate was received. [java] at com.mci.nettools.iconfig.client.IconfigClient.main( [java] at com.certicom.tls.interfaceimpl.TLSConnectionImpl.fireException(Unknown Source) [java] at com.certicom.tls.interfaceimpl.TLSConnectionImpl.fireAlertSent(Unknown Source) [java] at com.certicom.tls.record.handshake.HandshakeHandler.fireAlert(Unknown Source) [java] at com.certicom.tls.record.handshake.HandshakeHandler.fireAlert(Unknown Source) [java] at com.certicom.tls.record.handshake.ClientStateReceivedServerHello.handle(Unkn own Source) [java] Exception in thread "main" Failed to retrieve WSDL from https:/
    • ceEJB?WSDL. Please check the URL and make sure that it is a valid XML file [ Write Channel Closed, possible SSL handshaking or trust failure] [java] at [java] at com.certicom.tls.record.handshake.HandshakeHandler.handleHandshakeMessage(Un known Source) [java] at<init>( [java] at com.certicom.tls.record.handshake.HandshakeHandler.handleHandshakeMessages(U nknown Source) [java] at com.certicom.tls.record.ReadHandler.interpretContent(Unknown Source) [java] at weblogic.webservice.WebServiceFactory.createFromWSDL( 108) [java] at weblogic.webservice.WebServiceFactory.createFromWSDL( 84) [java] at com.certicom.tls.record.ReadHandler.readRecord(UnknownSource)
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