Connection refused: connect | 6 months ago
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    BI4.1 SP02 Installation Stuck on "Adding Web Intelligen | 6 months ago Connection refused: connect
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    samebug tip
    start Appium server
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    samebug tip
    You should access rundeck using that 'grails.serverURL' from the config file ''.
    via GitHub by gschueler
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    samebug tip
    You close Selenium Webdriver before the tests finish. Use @BeforeSuite and @AfterSuite.
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    samebug tip
    To restart the Selenium Webdriver mock browser in a testcase, first use 'driver.close()' and then reinstantiate the driver.

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    Root Cause Analysis


      Connection refused: connect

      at com.crystaldecisions.enterprise.ocaframework.RawAPSDirectory.find()
    2. com.crystaldecisions.enterprise
      1. com.crystaldecisions.enterprise.ocaframework.RawAPSDirectory.find(
      1 frame