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    • java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0 at at at oracle.apps.xdo.dataengine.DataTemplateParser.getParentDataSource(Unknown Source) at oracle.apps.xdo.dataengine.XMLPGEN.writeDefaultGroup(Unknown Source) at oracle.apps.xdo.dataengine.XMLPGEN.writeGroupStructure(Unknown Source) at oracle.apps.xdo.dataengine.XMLPGEN.processData(Unknown Source) at oracle.apps.xdo.dataengine.XMLPGEN.processXML(Unknown Source) at oracle.apps.xdo.dataengine.XMLPGEN.writeXML(Unknown Source) at oracle.apps.xdo.dataengine.DataProcessor.processDataStructre(Unknown Source) at oracle.apps.xdo.dataengine.DataProcessor.processData(Unknown Source) at bisppreinspectionreport.XMLDataGenerator.generateXML( at bisppreinspectionreport.Tester.main(
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