ODIKM-ORA-10004: SQLLDR failure(s)

Oracle Community | Anil455 | 11 months ago
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    When i m running mapping i am getting an error ODI-1227: Task Set current database on source-LKM MSSQL to Oracle (BCP-SQLLDR)- fails on the source connection Source_name ?

    Oracle Community | 11 months ago | Anil455 ODIKM-ORA-10004: SQLLDR failure(s)
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    ODI 12C LKM File to Oracle (SQLLDR) Knowledge Module error

    Oracle Community | 2 years ago | 2722088 ODIKM-STDKM-10012: Load Error: See D:\odifeeds/continents.log and D:\odifeeds/continents.out for details
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    ODI doesn't finish the execution

    Oracle Community | 2 years ago | 3028546 ODIKM-STDKM-10012: Load Error: See C:\Atos/continents.txt.log and C:\Atos/continents.txt.out for details
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    ODI-1590: The execution of the script failed.

    Oracle Community | 3 months ago | 2709933 ODIKM-STDKM-10012: Load command sqlldr 'TARGET_USER/********' control='C:\Users\ODI_DEV\Desktop\agent\local_files/C_0SRC.ctl' log='C:\Users\ODI_DEV\Desktop\agent\local_files/C_0SRC.log' produced error. See C:\Users\ODI_DEV\Desktop\agent\local_files/C_0SRC.log and C:\Users\ODI_DEV\Desktop\agent\local_files/C_0SRC.out for details

    Root Cause Analysis

    1. ODIKM-ORA-10004: SQLLDR failure(s)

      at org.python.core.PyException.doRaise()
    2. Jython
      1. org.python.core.PyException.doRaise(
      2. org.python.core.Py.makeException(
      3. org.python.core.Py.makeException(
      4. org.python.core.Py.makeException(
      4 frames