javax.portlet.PortletException: javax.faces.FacesException: Assertion Failed

Icesoft | alxll | 9 years ago
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    Assertion Failed Exception when using Icefaces with Websphere Portal Server - Please Help

    Icesoft | 9 years ago | alxll
    javax.portlet.PortletException: javax.faces.FacesException: Assertion Failed
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    Session has been expired - Forums | Liferay | 12 months ago
    javax.portlet.PortletException: javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.Exception: javax.faces.FacesException: com.icesoft.faces.webapp.http.core.SessionExpiredException: User session has expired or it was invalidated.
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    uPortal Users - Multi threaded Portlets | Page 2 | 11 months ago
    javax.portlet.PortletException: Request processing failed at > org.springframework.web.portlet.FrameworkPortlet.processRequest( > at > org.springframework.web.portlet.FrameworkPortlet.doDispatch( >
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    predeploy for PersistenceUnit [wsrp_pu1] failed.

    Oracle Community | 9 years ago | 392 Guest
    javax.portlet.PortletException: com.sun.portal.wsrp.common.WSRPMBeanException: Exception [TOPLINK-28018] (Oracle TopLink Essentials - 2.0 (Build b50g-beta3 (06/26/2007))): oracle.toplink.essentials.exceptions.EntityManagerSetupException Exception Description: predeploy for PersistenceUnit [wsrp_pu1] failed. Internal Exception: Exception [TOPLINK-30007] (Oracle TopLink Essentials - 2.0 (Build b50g-beta3 (06/26/2007))): oracle.toplink.essentials.exceptions.PersistenceUnitLoadingException Exception Description: An exception was thrown while loading class: com.sun.portal.wsrp.consumer.producermanager.impl.DBPersistedConfiguredProducer to check whether it implements @Entity, @Embeddable, or @MappedSuperclass. Internal Exception: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.portal.wsrp.consumer.producermanager.impl.DBPersistedConfiguredProducer
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    Possible/most common cause of "javax.portlet.PortletException: doBridgeDispatch failed"?

    Oracle Community | 3 years ago | RinTohsaka-Oracle
    javax.portlet.PortletException: doBridgeDispatch failed: error from Bridge in executing the request

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. javax.portlet.PortletException

      javax.faces.FacesException: Assertion Failed

      1 frame