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  • Security Exception on JMS Queue
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  • MDB + Secure Queue
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  • JMSSecurityException trying to read JMS Queue
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  • Weblogic(7.0 SP2)-JMS Browsing Problem
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    • weblogic.jms.common.JMSSecurityException: Access denied to resource: type=<jms>, application=, destinationType=queue, resource=DSTest-636-inbound, action=receiv e at weblogic.jms.JMSService.checkPermission(JMSService.java:1154) at weblogic.jms.JMSService.checkRecvPermission(JMSService.java:1171) at weblogic.jms.frontend.FESession.consumerCreate(FESession.java:1049) at weblogic.jms.frontend.FESession.invoke(FESession.java:2552) at weblogic.jms.dispatcher.Request.wrappedFiniteStateMachine(Request.java:643)
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