com.mongodb.MongoException: $or array must contain objects

JIRA | Hubert Zhang | 6 years ago
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    Error using $elemMatch

    GitHub | 3 years ago | ubiquitousthey
    com.mongodb.MongoException: invalid parameter: expected an object ($elemMatch)
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    Problem reading from primary using Java driver and TaggedReadPreference

    Google Groups | 5 years ago | Bryan Hunt
    com.mongodb.MongoException: Could not find any valid secondaries with the supplied tags ('{ "locale" : "sc"}'
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    Does the Java Driver support $slice operator?

    Google Groups | 6 years ago | Stuart King
    com.mongodb.MongoException: invalid operator: $slice

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. com.mongodb.MongoException

      $or array must contain objects

      at com.mongodb.MongoException.parse()
    2. MongoDB Java Driver
      1. com.mongodb.MongoException.parse(
      2. com.mongodb.DBApiLayer$MyCollection.__find(
      3. com.mongodb.DBCollection.findOne(
      4. com.mongodb.DBCollection.findOne(
      4 frames
    3. casbah-core
      1. com.mongodb.casbah.MongoCollection.findOne(MongoCollection.scala:683)
      1 frame