weblogic.security.SecurityInitializationException: Authentication for user admin denied

Oracle Community | 666705 | 10 years ago
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    New domain - Managed servers always "not reachable"

    Oracle Community | 10 years ago | 666705
    weblogic.security.SecurityInitializationException: Authentication for user admin denied
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    Weblogic admin console not starting

    Stack Overflow | 2 years ago | JavaGeek_101
    weblogic.security.SecurityInitializationException: Authentication for user denied
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    Oracle Fusion Middleware Security: ADF and OES, part one of many

    blogspot.com | 8 months ago
    weblogic.security.SecurityInitializationException: User weblogic is not permitte d to boot the server; The server policy may have changed in such a way that the user is no longer able to boot the server.Reboot the server with the administrat ive user account or contact the system administrator to update the server policy definitions.
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    OAM Integration with WLS - WLS Failed to start | Oracle Community

    oracle.com | 1 year ago
    weblogic.security.SecurityInitializationException: Authentication denied: Boot identity not valid; The user name and/or password from the boot identity file (boot.properties) is not valid. The boot identity may have been changed since the boot identity file was created. Please edit and update the boot identity file with the proper values of username and password. The first time the updated boot identity file is used to start the server, these new values are encrypted.
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    db:: 3.16::wls-10.3.4 Active Directory Authentication failed after Upgrade from 10.3.3 fx

    hivmr.com | 11 months ago
    weblogic.security.SecurityInitializationException: Authentication for user weblogic denied

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. weblogic.security.SecurityInitializationException

      Authentication for user admin denied

      at weblogic.security.service.CommonSecurityServiceManagerDelegateImpl.doBootAuthorization()
    2. weblogic.security.service
      1. weblogic.security.service.CommonSecurityServiceManagerDelegateImpl.doBootAuthorization(Unknown Source)
      2. weblogic.security.service.CommonSecurityServiceManagerDelegateImpl.initialize(Unknown Source)
      3. weblogic.security.service.SecurityServiceManager.initialize(Unknown Source)
      3 frames
    3. weblogic.security
      1. weblogic.security.SecurityService.start(SecurityService.java:141)
      1 frame
    4. weblogic.t3.srvr
      1. weblogic.t3.srvr.SubsystemRequest.run(SubsystemRequest.java:64)
      1 frame