Connection refused: connect | 9 months ago
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    db:: 5.15::Known issues on Top of ATG (RUP6) [ID 459353.1) Can I merge these Patches? ac | 9 months ago Connection refused: connect
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    db:: 5.54::Unable to login to Endeca after integrating with EBS x3 | 9 months ago Connection refused: connect

    Root Cause Analysis


      Connection refused: connect

      at org.apache.axis.AxisFault.makeFault()
    2. Axis Web Services
      1. org.apache.axis.AxisFault.makeFault(
      2. org.apache.axis.transport.http.HTTPSender.invoke(
      3. org.apache.axis.strategies.InvocationStrategy.visit(
      4. org.apache.axis.SimpleChain.doVisiting(
      5. org.apache.axis.SimpleChain.invoke(
      6. org.apache.axis.client.AxisClient.invoke(
      6 frames