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  • GitHub comment 607#237200409
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  • GitHub comment 5#197270663
    via GitHub by hamen
  • Authentication Failed
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  • Leak
    via GitHub by alsajoo
    • Activity de.qabel.qabelbox.activities.MainActivity has leaked IntentReceiver de.qabel.qabelbox.communication.connection.ConnectivityManager$1@6296039 that was originally registered here. Are you missing a call to unregisterReceiver()? at$ReceiverDispatcher.<init>( at at at at at android.content.ContextWrapper.registerReceiver( at de.qabel.qabelbox.communication.connection.ConnectivityManager.<init>( at de.qabel.qabelbox.dagger.modules.ActivityModule.provideConnectivityManager( at de.qabel.qabelbox.dagger.modules.ActivityModule_ProvideConnectivityManagerFactory.get( at de.qabel.qabelbox.dagger.modules.ActivityModule_ProvideConnectivityManagerFactory.get( at de.qabel.qabelbox.activities.MainActivity_MembersInjector.injectMembers( at de.qabel.qabelbox.activities.MainActivity_MembersInjector.injectMembers( at de.qabel.qabelbox.dagger.components.DaggerMockApplicationComponent$ActivityComponentImpl$MainActivityComponentImpl.inject( at de.qabel.qabelbox.activities.MainActivity.onCreate( at at at at at

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