File not found: /usr/lib/ure/share/java/unoil.jar

GitHub | pgarciabaez | 9 months ago
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    JabRef 3.5 cannot connect ot LibreOffice on ubuntu

    GitHub | 9 months ago | pgarciabaez File not found: /usr/lib/ure/share/java/unoil.jar

    Root Cause Analysis


      File not found: /usr/lib/ure/share/java/unoil.jar

      at net.sf.jabref.gui.openoffice.OpenOfficePanel.connect()
    2. net.sf.jabref
      1. net.sf.jabref.gui.openoffice.OpenOfficePanel.connect([JabRef-3.5.jar:?]
      2. net.sf.jabref.gui.openoffice.OpenOfficePanel.lambda$initPanel$1([JabRef-3.5.jar:?]
      2 frames