play.api.http.HttpErrorHandlerExceptions$$anon$1: Execution exception[[NullPointerException: orginalUri]]

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via GitHub by ceecer1
, 1 year ago
Execution exception[[NullPointerException: orginalUri]]
via GitHub by emrekanca
, 4 months ago
Execution exception[[NullPointerException: null]]
via GitHub by rmmeans
, 1 year ago
Execution exception[[InstantiationException: play.api.libs.Crypto]]
via GitHub by luos
, 1 year ago
Execution exception[[JsonMappingException: Incompatible Jackson version: 2.7.1]]
via Google Groups by Sarav Ramaswamy, 8 months ago
Execution exception[[ClassCastException: Cannot cast java.lang.Integer to java.lang.Long]]
via Google Groups by Kevin Letupe, 1 year ago
Execution exception[[ConnectException: connection timed out:]]
java.lang.NullPointerException: orginalUri
at org.asynchttpclient.util.Assertions.assertNotNull(
at org.asynchttpclient.uri.UriParser.parse(
at org.asynchttpclient.uri.Uri.create(
at org.asynchttpclient.netty.handler.intercept.Redirect30xInterceptor.exitAfterHandlingRedirect(
at org.asynchttpclient.netty.handler.intercept.Interceptors.exitAfterIntercept(
at org.asynchttpclient.netty.handler.HttpHandler.handleHttpResponse(
at org.asynchttpclient.netty.handler.HttpHandler.handleRead(
at org.asynchttpclient.netty.handler.AsyncHttpClientHandler.channelRead(

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