weblogic.jms.common.JMSException: Error in blocking receive

Oracle Community | Shaheer Badar | 1 year ago
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    JTA transaction is not in active state after Invoking JMS Adapter

    Oracle Community | 1 year ago | Shaheer Badar
    weblogic.jms.common.JMSException: Error in blocking receive

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. weblogic.jms.common.JMSException

      Error in blocking receive

      at weblogic.jms.backend.BEConsumerImpl.blockingReceiveProcessMessage()
    2. weblogic.jms.backend
      1. weblogic.jms.backend.BEConsumerImpl.blockingReceiveProcessMessage(BEConsumerImpl.java:1556)
      2. weblogic.jms.backend.BEConsumerImpl.receive(BEConsumerImpl.java:1712)
      3. weblogic.jms.backend.BEConsumerImpl.invoke(BEConsumerImpl.java:1416)
      3 frames
    3. weblogic.messaging.dispatcher
      1. weblogic.messaging.dispatcher.Request.wrappedFiniteStateMachine(Request.java:961)
      1 frame