java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "startingImage"

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via Stack Overflow by Kleeo
, 1 year ago
For input string: ".project"
via Stack Overflow by lars
, 11 months ago
For input string: "��ʘe|���|hY�.����ZZ�4y(��2�"1�f%��>c�|��pY��B����c�g��F����2FʟR(�W�~�#�%r��K7�?�)_J��Ur�S^b��K"
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "startingImage"
at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.readJavaFormatString(
at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.parseDouble(
at java.lang.Double.parseDouble(
at net.imagej.patcher.HeadlessGenericDialog.getMacroParameter(
at net.imagej.patcher.HeadlessGenericDialog.addNumericField(
at ij.plugin.FolderOpener.showDialog(
at ij.IJ.runPlugIn(
at ij.Executer.runCommand(
at ij.macro.Functions.doRun(
at ij.macro.Functions.doFunction(
at ij.macro.Interpreter.doStatement(
at ij.macro.Interpreter.doBlock(
at ij.macro.Interpreter.doStatement(
at ij.macro.Interpreter.doFor(
at ij.macro.Interpreter.doStatement(
at ij.macro.Interpreter.doStatements(
at ij.plugin.Macro_Runner.runMacro(
at ij.plugin.Macro_Runner.runMacroFile(
at ij.IJ.runMacroFile(
at net.imagej.legacy.IJ1Helper$
at net.imagej.legacy.IJ1Helper$
at net.imagej.legacy.IJ1Helper.runMacroFriendly(
at net.imagej.legacy.IJ1Helper.runMacroFile(
at net.imagej.legacy.LegacyCommandline$Macro.handle(
at net.imagej.legacy.LegacyConsoleService.processArgs(
at org.scijava.AbstractGateway.launch(
at net.imagej.Main.launch(
at net.imagej.Main.main(
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
at net.imagej.launcher.ClassLauncher.launch(
at net.imagej.launcher.ClassLauncher.main(

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