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  • OC4J 10.1.3: Deployment-API (JSR88)
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    • oracle.ias.opmn.optic.OpticBadConnectException: Error reading formFactorFile: /opt/oracle/product/ (/opt/oracle/product/ (Too many open files)) at oracle.ias.opmn.optic.OpmnPhone.refreshFormFactor( at oracle.ias.opmn.optic.OpmnPhone.refreshConnectionInfo( at oracle.ias.opmn.optic.OpmnPhone.makePhoneCall( at oracle.ias.opmn.optic.OpmnPhone.request( at oracle.ias.opmn.optic.OpmnQuery.getBuf( at oracle.ias.opmn.optic.OpmnQuery.getDom( at oracle.ias.opmn.optic.OpmnQuery.getProc( at oracle.dms.address.Optic.getAddresses(Unknown Source) at oracle.dms.address.OpmnDiscoverer.getAddresses(Unknown Source) at oracle.dms.address.Discoverer.searchAddresses(Unknown Source) at oracle.dms.address.AddressBook.discoverAddresses(Unknown Source) at oracle.dms.collector.Hunter.setOff(Unknown Source) at Source) at
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