java.lang.ClassCastException: [[[[Z cannot be cast to [[[[I

Oracle Community | 87e02390-6877-4f36-a3ed-f67c68dfbce7 | 3 years ago
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    MDX Query Execution using JAPI throwing Exception

    Oracle Community | 3 years ago | 87e02390-6877-4f36-a3ed-f67c68dfbce7
    java.lang.ClassCastException: [[[[Z cannot be cast to [[[[I

    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.ClassCastException

      [[[[Z cannot be cast to [[[[I

      at com.essbase.api.dataquery.EssMdDataSet.init()
    2. com.essbase.api
      1. com.essbase.api.dataquery.EssMdDataSet.init(Unknown Source)
      2. com.essbase.api.dataquery.EssCubeView.performOperation(Unknown Source)
      2 frames
    3. Unknown
      1. MdxQuery.performMdxQuery(
      2. MdxQuery.main(
      2 frames