java.lang.RuntimeException: [WeblogicDeploymentPlugin] - No artifact to deploy [(.*).war] found.

Jenkins JIRA | Greg Emerick | 2 years ago
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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.RuntimeException

      [WeblogicDeploymentPlugin] - No artifact to deploy [(.*).war] found.

      at org.jenkinsci.plugins.deploy.weblogic.FreeStyleJobArtifactSelectorImpl.selectArtifactRecorded()
    2. org.jenkinsci.plugins
      1. org.jenkinsci.plugins.deploy.weblogic.FreeStyleJobArtifactSelectorImpl.selectArtifactRecorded(
      2. org.jenkinsci.plugins.deploy.weblogic.task.DeploymentTaskServiceImpl.perform(
      2 frames