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  • WLP 10.3.2 creating a domain question
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  • Pointbase issues
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  • weblogic portal 10.3..2
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  • Weblogic 9.0b Security Provider
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  • Security realm "EbsRealm" failed to be loaded - Security:097533
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  • db:: 4.43::FailedLoginException xj
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    • com.bea.common.engine.ServiceInitializationException: <openjpa-1.1.1- SNAPSHOT-r422266:807362 fatal internal error> org.apache.openjpa.util.InternalEx ception: There was an error when invoking the static getInstance method on the n amed factory class "kodo.jdbc.kernel.KodoJDBCBrokerFactory". See the nested exc eption for details. at com.bea.common.engine.internal.ServiceEngineImpl.findOrStartService( at com.bea.common.engine.internal.ServiceEngineImpl.findOrStartService( at com.bea.common.engine.internal.ServiceEngineImpl.lookupService( at com.bea.common.engine.internal.ServicesImpl.getService( at
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