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  • "oemctl start oms".
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  • Help - Oracle9i install on Fedora !!!
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  • Oracle Management Server Not starting
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  • "oemctl start oms".
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  • problem running 9iR2 OEM on Linux
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  • db:: 3.51::Oracle 11 and JRE 1.6 xf
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    • deniedjava.lang.SecurityException: ORBSingleton: access denied at at oracle.sysman.vxn.VxnNamingContext.<init>( at oracle.sysman.vxn.VxnNamingContext.getNewContext( at oracle.sysman.vxn.VxnNamingService.getInitialContext( at oracle.sysman.vxn.VxnNamingService.enableBootstrap( at oracle.sysman.vxn.VxnNamingService.init( at oracle.sysman.vxn.VxnNamingService.getNamingService( at oracle.sysman.vxn.VxnNamingService.getNamingService( at oracle.sysman.vxa.VxaAppServer.initServer( at oracle.sysman.vxa.VxaAppServer.main(
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