org.apache.sshd.common.SshException: Already closed

Jenkins JIRA | Vasily Korytov | 1 year ago
  1. 0

    Internal Server error (NullPointerException) after interrupted push

    Google Groups | 2 months ago | Roman Karlstetter
    org.apache.sshd.common.SshException: write(ChannelOutputStream[ChannelSession[id=0, recipient=0]-ServerSessionImpl[myuser@/]] SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_DATA) len=412 - channel already closed
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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. org.apache.sshd.common.SshException

      Already closed

    2. Apache Mina SSHD :: Core
      1 frame
    3. org.jenkinsci.main
      1. org.jenkinsci.main.modules.sshd.AsynchronousCommand$
      1 frame
    4. Java RT
      1 frame