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  • GitHub comment 998#237777599
    via GitHub by McFoggy
  • T-SPARQL test fail
    via GitHub by skodape
  • StormTestRun on windows
    via GitHub by b0c1
  • Build not working in Windows
    via GitHub by hypery2k
    • Unable to delete file: D:\sData\gitbucket\data\repositories\axmsa\bdx-friday-hacks.git\objects\pack\pack-1b29fc8e9c84824f2c43152be8efbd1306e60d0e.pack at at at at at at at at at at at gitbucket.core.controller.RepositorySettingsControllerBase$class.gitbucket$core$controller$RepositorySettingsControllerBase$class$$$anonfun$58(RepositorySettingsController.scala:330) at gitbucket.core.controller.RepositorySettingsControllerBase$class.gitbucket$core$controller$RepositorySettingsControllerBase$class$$$anonfun$58$adapted(RepositorySettingsController.scala:329)

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