java.lang.IllegalStateException: Illegal state: 8

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  • Freezes on Inca AI turn
    via freecol by redarts
  • Bugs in 0.7.3
    via freecol by weirdolino
  • Iroquis freeze up a lot
    via freecol by *anonymous
    • java.lang.IllegalStateException: Illegal state: 8 at net.sf.freecol.common.model.Unit.setState( at net.sf.freecol.common.model.Unit.moveToAmerica( at net.sf.freecol.server.control.InGameInputHandler.moveToAmerica( at net.sf.freecol.server.control.InGameInputHandler.access$2100( at net.sf.freecol.server.control.InGameInputHandler$22.handle( at net.sf.freecol.server.control.InputHandler$CurrentPlayerNetworkRequestHandler.handle( at net.sf.freecol.server.control.InputHandler.handle( at net.sf.freecol.server.networking.DummyConnection.ask( at net.sf.freecol.server.networking.DummyConnection.sendAndWait( at at at at at$
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