java.lang.IllegalStateException: 'playerExploredTiles' for COLONIAL player 'Elizabeth I' is 'null'. true, false ::: (20, 45)

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via freecol by alejo_ceballos
, 1 year ago
'playerExploredTiles' for COLONIAL player 'Elizabeth I' is 'null'. true, false ::: (20, 45)
via freecol by the_greenknight
, 1 year ago
'playerExploredTiles' for COLONIAL player 'Philip II' is 'null'. true, false ::: (21, 134)
java.lang.IllegalStateException: 'playerExploredTiles' for COLONIAL player 'Elizabeth I' is 'null'. true, false ::: (20, 45)
at net.sf.freecol.common.model.Tile.updatePlayerExploredTile(
at net.sf.freecol.common.model.Tile.updatePlayerExploredTiles(
at net.sf.freecol.common.model.Tile.setOwningSettlement(
at net.sf.freecol.common.model.ColonyTile.produceGoodsCenterTile(
at net.sf.freecol.common.model.ColonyTile.newTurn(
at net.sf.freecol.common.model.Colony.addColonyTileProduction(
at net.sf.freecol.common.model.Colony.newTurn(
at net.sf.freecol.common.model.Player.newTurn(
at net.sf.freecol.common.model.Game.newTurn(
at net.sf.freecol.server.control.InGameController.nextPlayer(
at net.sf.freecol.server.control.InGameController.endTurn(
at net.sf.freecol.server.control.InGameInputHandler.endTurn(
at net.sf.freecol.server.control.InGameInputHandler.access$3500(
at net.sf.freecol.server.control.InGameInputHandler$36.handle(
at net.sf.freecol.server.control.InputHandler$CurrentPlayerNetworkRequestHandler.handle(
at net.sf.freecol.server.control.InputHandler.handle(
at net.sf.freecol.server.networking.DummyConnection.send(

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