Failed to copy job-dsl to /var/lib/jenkins/plugins/job-dsl.jpi

Jenkins JIRA | Heikki Hokkanen | 1 year ago
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    [JIRA] [cli] (JENKINS-32705) jenkins-cli.jar should not use PWD for temporary files

    Google Groups | 1 year ago | (JIRA) Failed to copy job-dsl to /<span class="code-keyword" style="color: #000091">var</span>/lib/jenkins/plugins/job-dsl.jpi
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    GitHub comment 1#176731661

    GitHub | 1 year ago | noidi Failed to copy timestamper to /var/lib/jenkins/plugins/timestamper.jpi

    Root Cause Analysis


      Failed to copy job-dsl to /var/lib/jenkins/plugins/job-dsl.jpi

      at hudson.FilePath.copyTo()
    2. Hudson
      1. hudson.FilePath.copyTo(
      3. hudson.cli.CLICommand.main(
      4. hudson.cli.CliManagerImpl.main(
      4 frames