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  • Error while running Trusted DB recon
    via by user9212679,
    • java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: ORA-00001: unique constraint (DEV_OIM.UDX_USR_LOGIN_UNQ) violated ORA-06512: at "DEV_OIM.OIM_SP_RECONBLKUSERCRUD", line 1383 ORA-06512: at "DEV_OIM.OIM_SP_RECONBLKUSRMLSWRAPPER", line 71 ORA-06512: at line 1at oracle.iam.reconciliation.impl.ActionEngine.processBatch( at oracle.iam.reconciliation.impl.ActionEngine.execute( at oracle.iam.reconciliation.impl.ActionTask.execute( at oracle.iam.platform.async.impl.TaskExecutor.executeUnmanagedTask(
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