java.lang.SecurityException: [Security:090398]Invalid Subject: principals=[my.user@MYDOMAIN.COM]

Oracle Community | stevenjonik | 4 years ago
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    Kerberos SSO from a java client application

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    java.lang.SecurityException: [Security:090398]Invalid Subject: principals=[my.user@MYDOMAIN.COM]
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    oracle.bam.adc.api.exceptions.ServerUnavailableException: BAM-01261: Cannot connect to the Oracle BAM Server.
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    EJB not Reconnecting after new deployment

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    java.lang.SecurityException: [Security:090398]Invalid Subject: principals=[weblogic, Administrators]
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    Security:090398 Invalid Subject - Spring and weblogic

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    java.lang.SecurityException: **[Security:090398]**Invalid Subject: principals=[weblogic, Administrators, super_users]
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    WebLogic Issues & Solutions: Steps to Configure the Cross Domain Security Between WebLogic Server Domains | 1 year ago
    java.lang.SecurityException: [Security:090398]Invalid Subject: principals=[cross-domain, CrossDomainConnectors]

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.SecurityException

      [Security:090398]Invalid Subject: principals=[my.user@MYDOMAIN.COM]

      2 frames
    3. weblogic.rjvm
      1. weblogic.rjvm.MsgAbbrevInputStream.getSubject(
      1 frame
    4. weblogic.rmi.internal
      1. weblogic.rmi.internal.BasicServerRef.acceptRequest(
      2. weblogic.rmi.internal.BasicServerRef.dispatch(
      2 frames