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  • Could not login to admin page of SES 11g
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  • UCM & IPM Server url is not accessible
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  • Error while start obiee11g
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  • Cannot Login into analytics
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    • weblogic.common.resourcepool.ResourceDeadException: 0:weblogic.common.Resource ception: Could not create pool connection. The DBMS driver exception was: IO E or: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection at oracle.mds.config.PConfig.loadFromBean(PConfig.java:684) at oracle.mds.config.PConfig.loadFromBean(PConfig.java:517) at oracle.mds.config.PConfig.<init>(PConfig.java:341) at oracle.mds.internal.lcm.MDSLCMManager.getContentConfig(MDSLCMManagejava:2015) at oracle.mds.internal.lcm.deploy.DeployManager.deploy(DeployManager.ja:505)

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