java.lang.IllegalStateException: No match found

Jenkins JIRA | Smouch Smouch | 7 months ago
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    [JIRA] (JENKINS-36844) Regex match fails - "Mentioned somewhere in commit message"

    Google Groups | 7 months ago | (JIRA)
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: No match found
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    Regex matching fails to match pattern found in log message. Jenkins version 2.7.1 Jira-ext plugin version 0.5 Jira-ext plugin settings: jira-ext Config JIRA Base URL VALID_URL (tested with find custom fields) JIRA Username VALID_USER (see above) JIRA Password VALID_PASSWD (see above) Ticket Pattern EXITEVOISSUES-,EXITEVODEV- Verbose Logging (Enabled) Timeout 10 svn log message (verbose) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r16769 | nb79311 | 2016-07-21 12:09:54 +0200 (Thu, 21 Jul 2016) | 2 lines Changed paths: M /trunk/src/CMakeLists.txt Jira key: EXITEVODEV-1309 Comments: Test automatic Jira update ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Output: Updating JIRA tickets ChangeLogSet class: class hudson.scm.SubversionChangeLogSet ERROR Updating jira notifications java.lang.IllegalStateException: No match found at at org.jenkinsci.plugins.jiraext.view.MentionedInCommitStrategy.getJiraIssuesFromChangeSet( at org.jenkinsci.plugins.jiraext.view.AbstractParsingIssueStrategy.getJiraCommits( at org.jenkinsci.plugins.jiraext.view.JiraExtBuildStep.perform( at hudson.tasks.BuildStepMonitor$1.perform( at hudson.model.AbstractBuild$AbstractBuildExecution.perform( at hudson.model.Build$ at hudson.model.Build$BuildExecution.doRun( at hudson.model.AbstractBuild$ at hudson.model.Run.execute( at at hudson.model.ResourceController.execute( at Operation: Update a Field Finish updating JIRA tickets

    Jenkins JIRA | 7 months ago | Smouch Smouch
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: No match found
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    Java - Matcher throws IllegalStateException after accessing group

    Stack Overflow | 2 years ago
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: No match found
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    Error searching for JVMs

    GitHub | 1 year ago | telekenetix
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: No match found
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    JavaDocMethod: Exception thrown for incomplete @return tag if next line is empty

    GitHub | 1 year ago | johnerikhalse
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: No match found

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.IllegalStateException

      No match found

    2. Java RT
      1 frame
    3. org.jenkinsci.plugins
      1. org.jenkinsci.plugins.jiraext.view.MentionedInCommitStrategy.getJiraIssuesFromChangeSet(
      2. org.jenkinsci.plugins.jiraext.view.AbstractParsingIssueStrategy.getJiraCommits(
      3. org.jenkinsci.plugins.jiraext.view.JiraExtBuildStep.perform(
      3 frames
    4. Hudson
      1. hudson.tasks.BuildStepMonitor$1.perform(
      2. hudson.model.AbstractBuild$AbstractBuildExecution.perform(
      3. hudson.model.Build$
      4. hudson.model.Build$BuildExecution.doRun(
      5. hudson.model.AbstractBuild$
      6. hudson.model.Run.execute(
      8. hudson.model.ResourceController.execute(
      9 frames