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  • As I was trying out dimensional fields for SOLR-8396, I realized that DimensionalRangeQuery is not working with UninvertingReader. In Solr, all directory readers are wrapped by an UninvertingReader and an ExitableDirectoryReader. Here's the error: {code} Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: field="rating" was indexed with numDims=0 but this query has numDims=1 at$1.scorer( at at at at at at at DimensionalRangeQueryExample.query( {code} Here's an example program to trigger this failure: {code} import; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.Map; import java.util.Random; import org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard.StandardAnalyzer; import org.apache.lucene.document.DimensionalIntField; import org.apache.lucene.document.Document; import org.apache.lucene.document.Field; import org.apache.lucene.document.Field.Store; import org.apache.lucene.document.LegacyIntField; import org.apache.lucene.document.StringField; import org.apache.lucene.document.TextField; import org.apache.lucene.index.DirectoryReader; import org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriter; import org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriterConfig; import org.apache.lucene.index.StoredDocument; import org.apache.lucene.queryparser.classic.ParseException; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import org.apache.lucene.uninverting.UninvertingReader; import org.apache.lucene.util.BytesRef; public class DimensionalRangeQueryExample { public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException, ParseException { StandardAnalyzer analyzer = new StandardAnalyzer(); Directory index = new RAMDirectory(); IndexWriterConfig config = new IndexWriterConfig(analyzer); IndexWriter w = new IndexWriter(index, config); addDoc(w, "Lucene in Action", 1); addDoc(w, "Lucene for Dummies", 2); addDoc(w, "Managing Gigabytes", 3); addDoc(w, "The Art of Computer Science", 4); w.commit(); w.close(); DirectoryReader reader = (; Map<String, UninvertingReader.Type> uninvertingMap = new HashMap<>(); uninvertingMap.put("id", UninvertingReader.Type.BINARY); uninvertingMap.put("rating", UninvertingReader.Type.INTEGER); reader = UninvertingReader.wrap(reader, uninvertingMap); IndexSearcher searcher = new IndexSearcher(reader); Query legacyQuery = LegacyNumericRangeQuery.newIntRange("rating_legacy", 1, 4, true, true); Query dimensionalQuery = DimensionalRangeQuery.new1DIntRange("rating", 1, true, 4, true); System.out.println("Legacy query: "); query(legacyQuery, searcher); // works System.out.println("Dimensional query: "); query(dimensionalQuery, searcher); // fails reader.close(); } private static void query(Query q, IndexSearcher searcher) throws IOException { int hitsPerPage = 10; TopDocs docs =, hitsPerPage); ScoreDoc[] hits = docs.scoreDocs; System.out.println("Found " + hits.length + " hits."); for(int i=0;i<hits.length;++i) { int docId = hits[i].doc; StoredDocument d = searcher.doc(docId); System.out.println((i + 1) + ". " + d); } } private static void addDoc(IndexWriter w, String title, int rating) throws IOException { Document doc = new Document(); String id = ""+new Random().nextInt(1000); byte idBytes[] = id.getBytes(); doc.add(new StringField("id", new BytesRef(idBytes), Store.YES)); doc.add(new TextField("title", title, Field.Store.YES)); doc.add(new DimensionalIntField("rating", rating)); LegacyIntField legacy = new LegacyIntField("rating_legacy", rating, Store.YES); legacy.setIntValue(rating); doc.add(legacy); w.addDocument(doc); } } {code} I don't yet know more as to why this could be. [~mikemccand] Any ideas, please? Apologies if I should've brought this up in the mailing lists, or as a comment in LUCENE-6917 itself.
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    • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: field="rating" was indexed with numDims=0 but this query has numDims=1 at$1.scorer( at at at at at at at DimensionalRangeQueryExample.query(
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