java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00904: "USR"."USR_UDF_ES_USUARIO_RPT_S_N": invalid identifier

Oracle Community | Jeisson109 | 4 years ago
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    java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00904: "USR"."USR_UDF_ES_USUARIO_RPT_S_N": invalid identifier
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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException

      ORA-00904: "USR"."USR_UDF_ES_USUARIO_RPT_S_N": invalid identifier

      at oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CTTIoer.processError()
    2. Oracle jdbc
      1. oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CTTIoer.processError(
      2. oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CTTIoer.processError(
      3. oracle.jdbc.driver.T4C8Oall.processError(
      4. oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CTTIfun.receive(
      5. oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CTTIfun.doRPC(
      5 frames