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  • Mensaje de error siguiendo el libro
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  • sql error
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  • @ElementCollection support
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  • Recargar Modulo al cerrar Modal
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    • java.rmi.RemoteException: Fallo al ejecutar SELECT, COMERCOS.COMERC.nom, COMERCOS.COMERC.raoSocial, COMERCOS.COMERC.telefon, COMERCOS.COMERC.web, COMERCOS.COMERC.tipusestabliment, T\_categoria.nom from COMERCOS.COMERC left join COMERCOS.MAE\_SUBCATEGORIA T\_subcategoria2 on COMERCOS.COMERC.subcategoria2\_id = T\ left join COMERCOS.MAE\_CATEGORIA T\_categoria on T\_subcategoria2.categoria\_id = T\ WHERE  1=1  order by COMERCOS.COMERC.nom asc at at at at at at at at at
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