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  • (5) IDOC_ERROR_FIELD_NOT_FOUND: Field "MGRFLG" is not a member of IDocRecord "ZHR_OIM000". DOCUMENT: type=HRMD_A06, type extension=ZHRMD_A06_OIM, number=0000000002303362; SEGMENT: type=ZHR_OIM, definition=ZHR_OIM000; FIELD: name=MGRFLG at at at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at$IDocHandler.handleRequest(Unknown Source) at$IDocDispatcher.handleRequest( at at$JavaRfcServer.dispatchRequest( at$JavaRfcServer.executePlayback( at$JavaRfcServer.playbackTRfc( at$JavaRfcServer.handletRfcRequest( at$JavaRfcServer.listen( at at at at
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