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  1. GenericClassLoader.defineClass() has thrown an OutOfMemoryError
  2. SecureClassLoader.defineClass() has thrown an OutOfMemoryError
    Java Runtime

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java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
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    at weblogic.utils.classloaders.GenericClassLoader.defineClass(

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  5. Jon Pettervia Oracle Community4 months ago
    class allocation, 44245712 loaded, 39680K footprint in check_alloc (src/jvm/model/classload/classalloc.c:213) 260 bytes requested. Java heap 1536M reserved, 1536M committed Paged memory=8585722356K/26460824K. Your Java heap size might be set too high. Try
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  6. User738616-Oraclevia Oracle Community4 months ago
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  8. 986986via Oracle Community2 years ago
    classblock allocation, 83749816 loaded, 69376K footprint, in check_alloc (src/jvm/model/classload/classalloc.c:215). Attempting to allocate 6114M bytes There is insufficient native memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue. Possible reasons: The system is out of physical RAM or swap space In 32 bit mode, the process size limit was hit Possible solutions: Reduce memory load on the system Increase physical memory or swap space Check if swap backing store is full Use 64 bit Java on a 64 bit OS Decrease Java heap size (-Xmx/-Xms) Decrease number of Java threads Decrease Java thread stack sizes (-Xss) Disable compressed references (-XXcompressedRefs=false)
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