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  • Error while clicking on standard OAF page
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  • How to delete a personalization?
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    • oracle.adf.mds.exception.MDSRuntimeException: Unable to find component with absolute reference = /oracle/apps/po/document/order/webui/OrdersSummaryHeadersPG, XML Path = {1}. Please verify that the reference is valid and the definition of the component exists either on the File System or in the MDS Repository. No oracle.adf.mds.internal.parse.CustomParser parser registered for top element;check your namespace declaration. Namespace: null Local name: customization) at oracle.adf.mds.internal.MetadataManagerBase.getUserCustomizationData( at oracle.adf.mds.internal.MetadataManagerBase.getTransAndCustHelper( at oracle.adf.mds.internal.MetadataManagerBase.getTransAndCust( at oracle.adf.mds.internal.MetadataManagerBase.findElement( at oracle.adf.mds.MElement.findElement(
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