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  • Workflow Stopped Running
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  • Workflow error
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  • WFMAIL Not starting
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  • WF mailer down after autoconfig
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    • oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsc.SvcComponentContainerException: Could not start component; performing rollback -> oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsc.SvcComponentException: Validation failed for the following parameters -> {ACCOUNT=Unable to connect to the mail account. Check the host, user name and password.}. Parameters were -> {RESET_NLS=N, FROM=Workflow Mailer PROD, INBOUND_MAX_RET_EMAIL_SIZE=100, INBOUND_SSL_ENABLED=Y, CANCELED=WFMAIL:CANCELED, OUTBOUND_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT=120, SEND_UNSOLICITED_WARNING=Y, CLOSED= at oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsc.SvcComponentContainer.handleComponentEvent( at oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsc.SvcComponentContainer.onBusinessEvent( at
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