Login failed for user 'integration'.

Oracle Community | 639372 | 7 years ago
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    Login failure in DB Connection( Any Help Pls) | Oracle Community | 1 year ago Login failed for user 'integration'.
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    Login failure in DB Connection( Any Help Pls)

    Oracle Community | 7 years ago | 639372 Login failed for user 'integration'.
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    Currently you can specify connection parameters using --connection-param-file <properties-file>. This applies the connection parameters to the connection when generating the Sqoop code - but the parameters are not passed down to the mapper. Instead of specifying a parameters file couldn't we have a comma seperated list that could be specified on the command line or in sqoop-site.xml - that way it would be easier to override the settings per job, and they would be passed down to the mappers. It would then be simple to modify DBConfiguration.getConnection to read these.

    Apache's JIRA Issue Tracker | 5 years ago | David Robson
    java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Server name cannot be determined. It must appear as the first segment of the server's dns name ( Some libraries do not send the server name, in which case the server name must be included as part of the user name (username@servername). In addition, if both formats are used, the server names must match.
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    Java y Sql Server | 2 years ago No se pudo realizar la conexión TCP/IP al host (aqui muestra mi servidor o mi ip), puerto 1433. Error: "Connection refused: connect. Verifique las propiedades de conexión, compruebe que hay una instancia de SQL Server ejecutándose en el host y aceptando las conexiones TCP/IP en el puerto y compruebe que no hay ningún firewall bloqueando las conexiones TCP en el puerto.".
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    SQL Server Connection String Difference 2005 to 2012

    Stack Overflow | 3 years ago | MattB The connection string contains a badly formed name or value.

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    Login failed for user 'integration'.

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  3. Java RT
    1. java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
    2. java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
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