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    via adempiere by vapretchile
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    via compiere by dine197455
  • Whats matter with my order report?
    via compiere by alcatel
    • java.lang.NullPointerException at org.compiere.print.CPaper.toString( at org.compiere.print.Viewer.revalidate( at org.compiere.print.Viewer.dynInit( at org.compiere.print.Viewer.<init>( at org.compiere.print.Viewer.<init>( at org.compiere.print.SwingViewerProvider.openViewer( at org.compiere.print.ReportCtl.preview( at org.compiere.print.ReportCtl.createOutput( at org.compiere.print.ReportCtl.startStandardReport( at org.compiere.print.ReportCtl.start( at org.compiere.print.ReportCtl.start( at
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