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  • Play 2.3.0 sbt-plugin not found
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  • Re: New sbt plugin to deploy jobs to EC2
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  • Cross compiling for dependsOn
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    • sbt.ResolveException: unresolved dependency:;2.3.0: not found unresolved dependency: com.typesafe#jse_2.10;1.0.0: not found unresolved dependency: com.typesafe#npm_2.10;1.0.0: not found unresolved dependency: org.scala-sbt#sbt;0.13.5: not found at sbt.IvyActions$.sbt$IvyActions$$resolve(IvyActions.scala:217) at sbt.IvyActions$$anonfun$update$1.apply(IvyActions.scala:126) at sbt.IvyActions$$anonfun$update$1.apply(IvyActions.scala:125) at sbt.IvySbt$Module$$anonfun$withModule$1.apply(Ivy.scala:115) at sbt.IvySbt$Module$$anonfun$withModule$1.apply(Ivy.scala:115) at sbt.IvySbt$$anonfun$withIvy$1.apply(Ivy.scala:103) at sbt.IvySbt.sbt$IvySbt$$action$1(Ivy.scala:48) at sbt.IvySbt$$anon$ at xsbt.boot.Locks$GlobalLock.withChannel$1(Locks.scala:98)

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