oracle.portal.provider.v2.PortletException: No provider session.

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    • oracle.portal.provider.v2.PortletException: No provider session. at oracle.portal.utils.v2.ContainerException.fillInStackTrace(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Throwable.<init>( at java.lang.Exception.<init>( at oracle.portal.utils.v2.ContainerException.<init>(Unknown Source) at oracle.portal.provider.v2.PortletException.<init>(Unknown Source) at oracle.portal.provider.v2.render.http.StrutsRenderer.getRequestResourcePath(Unknown Source) at oracle.portal.provider.v2.render.http.AbstractResourceRenderer.renderBody(Unknown Source) at oracle.portal.provider.v2.render.RenderManager.render(Unknown Source) at oracle.portal.provider.v2.DefaultPortletInstance.render(Unknown Source) at oracle.webdb.provider.v2.adapter.soapV1.ProviderAdapter.showPortlet(Unknown Source) at oracle.webdb.provider.v2.adapter.soapV1.ProviderAdapter.handleHttp(Unknown Source)
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