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    Import these into your controller:

    import play.api.Play.current
    import play.api.i18n.Messages.Implicits._
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    BugmateHits had no serialization method.

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via Stack Overflow by raju
, 1 year ago
Compilation error[method thenApply in interface java.util.concurrent.CompletionStage cannot be applied to given types; required: java.util.function.Function found: (res)->{ S[...]s);
via Stack Overflow by geoHeil
, 2 years ago
Compilation error[trait Singleton is abstract; cannot be instantiated]
via Stack Overflow by MrHappy
, 1 year ago
Compilation error[Cannot use a method returning java.util.concurrent.CompletionStage[play.mvc.Result] as a Handler for requests]
via Stack Overflow by Vikram
, 1 year ago
Compilation error[_root_ cannot be imported]
via GitHub by eyasuyuki
, 1 year ago
Compilation error[No Json deserializer found for type example.yaml.UserMoney. Try to implement an implicit Reads or Format for this type.]
Empty query.