RSA premaster secret error | 2 months ago
  1. 0 RSA premaster secret error | 7 years ago | Donald Cohen RSA premaster secret error
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    Bug 524387 – RSA premaster secret error | 2 months ago RSA premaster secret error
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    GitHub comment 911#235951608

    GitHub | 3 months ago | wsaxton RSA premaster secret error
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    Which permission to set, to avoid error with Security-Manager with https-URLS?

    Stack Overflow | 1 year ago | Mnementh RSA premaster secret error" happens, but only under certain conditions: if the URL is HTTPS but not for HTTP if the Security-Manager is activated, not when it is deactivated or if in a global grant-Block the AllPermission is set only with Java 6, not with Java 7 (the customer needs Java 6 currently) only with Tomcat6, not with Tomcat 7 (the customer needs Tomcat 6 currently) The Security-violation happens somewhere in Java-Code, an AllPermission restricted to our codebase doesn't prevent the error. So, does someone has an idea, which permission to set for Java 6, so that it can process HTTPS? Other information: It's running inside a tomcat, on a Debian-Linux with OpenJDK. EDIT: I added the Java-Param ",failure" to Tomcats /etc/default/tomcat6 in the variable JAVA_OPTS. But in the Logs I have no additional messages. Might it be possible the code asks the permissions before triggering them? EDIT2: I found the correct place and got the full stacktrace (removed specific customer parts): RSA premaster secret error at [...]
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    NoSuchAlgorithmException using SSL/TLS in javaws | 6 years ago | Robert Marcano RSA premaster secret error

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    Root Cause Analysis


      SunTlsRsaPremasterSecret KeyGenerator not available

      at javax.crypto.KeyGenerator.<init>()
    2. Android Platform
      1. javax.crypto.KeyGenerator.<init>(
      2. javax.crypto.KeyGenerator.getInstance(
      2 frames
    3. Java JSSE
      2 frames