org.openxava.util.XavaException: Imposible crear EPFACTORES

openxava | daviles | 8 years ago
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    controlador para entidad???

    openxava | 8 years ago | daviles
    org.openxava.util.XavaException: Imposible crear EPFACTORES
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    openxava | 8 years ago | csplrj
    org.openxava.util.XavaException: Impossible to create TransCostSheetItem
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    Error con la relaciĆ³n OneToMany al triangular 3 entidades

    openxava | 4 years ago | jegomez
    org.openxava.util.XavaException: Sociedad ha de estar implementado como un objeto persistente para poder crearlo con MapFacade.createAggregate
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    Error al Crear un detalle Anidado

    openxava | 4 years ago | jorgecanoc
    org.openxava.util.XavaException: PolizaHeader ha de estar implementado como un objeto persistente para poder crearlo con MapFacade.createAggregate
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    openxava | 5 years ago | rmalone1982
    org.openxava.util.XavaException: Imposible obtener el objeto contenedor asociado a un objeto POJO

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. org.openxava.util.XavaException

      Imposible crear EPFACTORES

      at org.openxava.model.impl.MapFacadeBean.create()
    2. org.openxava.model
      1. org.openxava.model.impl.MapFacadeBean.create(
      2. org.openxava.model.impl.MapFacadeBean.createAggregate(
      3. org.openxava.model.impl.MapFacadeBean.createAggregate(
      4. org.openxava.model.impl.MapFacadeBean.createAggregate(
      5. org.openxava.model.MapFacade.createAggregate(
      5 frames
    3. org.openxava.actions
      1. org.openxava.actions.SaveElementInCollectionAction.createAggregate(
      2. org.openxava.actions.SaveElementInCollectionAction.saveAggregate(
      3. org.openxava.actions.SaveElementInCollectionAction.execute(
      3 frames
    4. org.openxava.controller
      1. org.openxava.controller.ModuleManager.executeAction(
      2. org.openxava.controller.ModuleManager.executeAction(
      3. org.openxava.controller.ModuleManager.execute(
      3 frames