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  • Unexpected token exception
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  • JBoss Community / Mailing Lists
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  • Wrong database file version
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  • Constraints in Text Tables
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    • java.sql.SQLException: Unexpected token: Unexpected token: MIN in statement \[DEL ETE FROM STATISTICS WHERE PATH\_ID=0 AND HOP=1 AND DOW=4 AND BUCKET=6 AND MIN=0.0 E0 AND MAX=46.0E0 AND MEAN=14.916666666666666E0 AND DEVIATION=3.8622100754188224 E0\] at org.hsqldb.Trace.getError(Unknown Source) at org.hsqldb.Log.runScript(Unknown Source) at Source) at org.hsqldb.Database$Logger.openLog(Unknown Source) at Source) at org.hsqldb.Database.<init>(Unknown Source) at org.hsqldb.Server.openDB(Unknown Source) at Source) at org.hsqldb.Server.main(Unknown Source)

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