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  • JavaSparkContext not serializable
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  • Spark问题记录 - 流了个火 - 博客园
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  • WebGoat lessons do not load
    via GitHub by mayhew64
    • games.strategy.triplea.delegate.dataObjects.BattleRecords$SerializationProxy at at at at at at at at at at at games.strategy.engine.framework.GameDataManager.writeDelegates( at games.strategy.engine.framework.GameDataManager.saveGame( at games.strategy.engine.framework.GameDataUtils.cloneGameData( at at at games.strategy.engine.framework.ServerGame.waitForPlayerToFinishStep( at games.strategy.engine.framework.ServerGame.runStep( at games.strategy.engine.framework.ServerGame.startGame( at games.strategy.engine.framework.startup.launcher.LocalLauncher.launchInNewThread( at games.strategy.engine.framework.startup.launcher.AbstractLauncher.lambda$0( at

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