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    • org.openxava.util.XavaException: Parece ser que Invoicing no es una entidad EJB3 ni una clase transitoria del modelo at org.openxava.annotations.parse.AnnotatedClassParser.getClassNameFor( at org.openxava.annotations.parse.AnnotatedClassParser.parse( at org.openxava.component.ComponentParser.parseAnnotatedClass( at org.openxava.component.ComponentParser.parse( at org.openxava.component.MetaComponent.get( at org.openxava.component.MetaComponent.exists( at org.openxava.application.meta.MetaApplication.existsModel( at org.openxava.application.meta.MetaApplication.getMetaModule( at org.openxava.controller.ModuleManager.getMetaModule( at org.openxava.controller.ModuleManager.setupModuleControllers( at org.openxava.controller.ModuleManager.setModuleName(
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