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  • Failed to parse response from server when performing GET to URL http://localhost:3333/v1/507f191e810c19729de860ea/Patient?active=false&_format=xml - ca.uhn.fhir.parser.DataFormatException: DataFormatException at [[row,col {unknown-source}]: [1,1078]]: Unknown resource name "identifier" (this name is not known in FHIR version "DSTU2"), took 1.472 sec at at$BaseClientExecutable.invoke( at$SearchInternal.execute( at$SearchInternal.execute( at ch.bluecare.patstamm.frontend.controllers.PatientControllerTest.lambda$testSearchByActive$34( at play.test.Helpers.running( at ch.bluecare.patstamm.frontend.controllers.PatientControllerTest.testSearchByActive(
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