Failed to delete: C:\tmp\spark-ee671411-722d-41ab-8878-a9868e3e2f2f\userFiles-2df22ede-d85e-4672-b813-678ebd0759ed

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via by Unknown author, 1 year ago
Failed to delete: C:\tmp\spark-ee671411-722d-41ab-8878-a9868e3e2f2f\userFiles-2df22ede-d85e-4672-b813-678ebd0759ed
via Stack Overflow by Mounir Hamdane
, 7 months ago
Failed to delete: C:\Users\A661758\AppData\Local\Temp\spark-fbd615be-7030-41bb-8b68-c432c4620380\userFiles-35ee0f93-ad8e-4dc2-8964-2e68b48b4013
via Stack Overflow by Bipul Debnath
, 11 months ago
Failed to delete: C:\Users\415387\AppData\Local\Temp\spark-b1672cf6-989f-4890-93a0-c945ff147554
via Stack Overflow by Jame H
, 2 weeks ago
Failed to delete: C:\Users\hptphuong\AppData\Local\Temp\spark-c9fd644d-de1a-47c9-9e19-cbd0b01df138\userFiles-412a0e89-c56f-4897-98e7-05cd6114855f
via by Unknown author, 2 years ago
Failed to delete: C:\Users\shawn\AppData\Local\Temp\spark-27f60467-36d4-4081-aaf5-d0ad42dda560\tmp cmenlp
via Stack Overflow by Jake
, 3 months ago
Failed to delete: C:\Users\siyang\AppData\Local\Temp\spark- 660e59cc-6331-4ed1-b932-ca64f9a1b8bd Failed to delete: C:\tmp\spark-ee671411-722d-41ab-8878-a9868e3e2f2f\userFiles-2df22ede-d85e-4672-b813-678ebd0759ed
at org.apache.spark.util.Utils$.deleteRecursively(Utils.scala:928)
at org.apache.spark.SparkEnv.stop(SparkEnv.scala:119)
at org.apache.spark.SparkContext$$anonfun$stop$12.apply$mcV$sp(SparkContext.scala:1756)
at org.apache.spark.util.Utils$.tryLogNonFatalError(Utils.scala:1229)
at org.apache.spark.SparkContext.stop(SparkContext.scala:1755)
at local_project.xmltocsv_spark_0_1.XMLToCSV_Spark.runJobInTOS(
at local_project.xmltocsv_spark_0_1.XMLToCSV_Spark.main(

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