Broken pipe

Oracle Community | makiey | 6 years ago
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    GF 2.1.1 stops responding after "broken-pipe" | | 1 year ago Broken pipe
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    GF 2.1.1 stops responding after "broken-pipe"

    Oracle Community | 6 years ago | makiey Broken pipe
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    GF 2.1.1 - stops responding after "broken pipe"

    Oracle Community | 7 years ago | 392 Guest Broken pipe" exception and stops accept incoming http requests. Don’t know how to reproduce it in test env. Within last four months this problem occurred twice - once with Grizzly 1.0.33 and once with 1.0.34_SNAPSHOT. Glassfish was pretty busy when the problem has happend (it is a prod system; serving > 20.000 SOAP requests/hour/jvm). Workaround: - Grizzly has to be re-deployed (for example by changing number of processing threads via admin console) – after that GF will start to accept new requests. My configuration: Linux 2.6.20, x86_64 Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM;1.5.0_22 GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 ((v2.1 Patch06)(9.1_02 Patch12)) (build b31g-fcs) Grizzly 1.0.34-SNAPSHOT running on Linux-2.6.20 under JDK version: 1.5.0_22-Sun Microsystems Inc. maxThreads: 150 ByteBuffer size: 4096 useDirectByteBuffer: 8192 maxKeepAliveRequests: 250 keepAliveTimeoutInSeconds: 30 Static File Cache enabled: true Pipeline : com.sun.enterprise.web.portunif.PortUnificationPipeline Round Robin Selector Algorithm enabled: true Round Robin Selector pool size: 4 Asynchronous Request Processing enabled: false Exception: [#||SEVERE|sun-appserver2.1|javax.enterprise.system.container.web| _ThreadID=27;_ThreadName=Selecto rThread-50001;_RequestID=0a95fc27-6f2e-408f-aaa1-165a38cb2201;| WEB0756: Caught exception during HTTP processing. Broken pipe
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      Broken pipe

    2. Java RT
      1. Method)
      3 frames
    3. Glassfish Core
      1. com.sun.enterprise.web.connector.grizzly.SelectorReadThread.addChannel(
      2. com.sun.enterprise.web.connector.grizzly.SelectorThread.handleAccept(
      3. com.sun.enterprise.web.connector.grizzly.SelectorThread.handleConnection(
      4. com.sun.enterprise.web.connector.grizzly.SelectorThread.doSelect(
      5. com.sun.enterprise.web.connector.grizzly.SelectorThread.startListener(
      6. com.sun.enterprise.web.connector.grizzly.SelectorThread.startEndpoint(
      7 frames