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  • Allow to zip big artifacts (more than 4Gb)
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  • I am trying to create a zip archive. I am having a empty directory "test" . When i try to create it to archive . The archive created but the test folder is created as file. And also I got the below exception. Temp file created at C:\Users\Soundar\AppData\Local\Temp\ Exception in thread "main" This archives contains unclosed entries. at at at at Code used ------------- protected File createArchive(String archivename) throws Exception { ArchiveOutputStream out = null; OutputStream stream = null; ArchiveStreamFactory factory = new ArchiveStreamFactory(); try { File archive = File.createTempFile("sample", "." + archivename); System.out.println("Temp file created at " + archive.getAbsolutePath()); List archiveList = new ArrayList(); stream = new FileOutputStream(archive); out = factory.createArchiveOutputStream(archivename, stream); final File file7 = new File("C:\\Users\\Soundar\\Desktop\\test"); addArchiveEntry(out, "test", file7); System.out.println("Going to process directory"); System.out.println("Directory Name =" + file7.getName()); ArchiveEntry entry = out.createArchiveEntry(file7, "test"); out.putArchiveEntry(entry); IOUtils.copy(new FileInputStream(file7), out); out.closeArchiveEntry(); out.finish(); return archive; } finally { if (out != null) { out.close(); } else if (stream != null) { stream.close(); } } } Note ------ I tried the same archiving using the compressed zip of Windows Vista default feature. It creates the which contains the empty test folder as archived. I know there is a work around using But is there a work around in our Compress itself?
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